Tortoiseshell Glasses Retro Square Round Panto Frames

This style first came about in the 1920s and the original frames were made of actual tortoise shell, giving this timeless look its name. The classic tortoise glasses color is a rich brown and golden pattern that’s classy and stylish. This pattern draws attention to your face and could easily become the centerpiece of any outfit. We also have some more adventurous colors like pinks and whites for a more modern look. By the 1970s, the real tortoiseshell trade was banned, but with plastic imitations already in the plan, the popularity didn’t falter.
If you like the soft square, you can shop for them in a playful honey tortoise or an inspired ombre design. These are also excellent frames for color blocking and standout colors like Tokyo tortoise. When you combine this frame style with a tortoise pattern, it will look flattering but still feel like you can wear your glasses for any occasion. Soft square glasses add a chic appearance to everything from sundresses to professional attire.
The thing about their distinct speckled pattern is that it adds softness to the face, compared to solid colored lenses like black or grey that can give you a tough appearance. This softening effect also makes your complexion look so much better than it already is. That’s why we have plenty of variations on the original tortoise shell color.
If you have more flexibility regarding price, opt for something higher-end, like designer brands. It’s not practical to splurge on expensive brands time and again. It’s thus preferable to choose a pair of tortoiseshell glasses that’s low priced but good quality. If you’re young and want to look stylish but avoid anything too flashy, choose a pair of tortoiseshell glasses with subtle features like thin arms or small metal details. Suppose you’re middle-aged or older and want something that will make you feel more youthful, opt for frames with bolder designs like thick arms, bright colors, or funky patterns. When it comes to fashion, tortoiseshell glasses fit any occasion, whether you’re heading to work or going out with friends on the weekend.
Play with color and shape to find the eyewear that fits your clothing and jewelry. You’ll also discover the right glasses for your personal and professional life. Wear a tortoise pattern that makes you feel comfortable and confident.
The classic tortoise frame is alwaysin style for menand women. The brownish hues give them a warm tone, so they complement almost any complexion. Anyone can wear tortoise glasses by simplychoosing the right fitand shape for their face. The answer is yes if you’re wondering whether tortoiseshell glasses are fashionable.
In terms of personality, tortoiseshell glasses are befitting of knowledge-oriented individuals, especially if they are active in business or scholarly settings. A classic, timeless style tortoise shell glasses are always in style. Professional with a slight vintage feel, tortoise shell glasses frames are an excellent choice for an academic or professional setting. Tortoise shell glasses are serious, professional, and relaxed. When I think of tortoise shell glasses , I think of a bookish and down-to-earth intellectual. When you start with a tortoise shell pattern, you’re sure to find specs to match your style.