Successful Church Fundraising best church fundraisers

Easy fundraising ideas for your church

Successful church fundraising can be a daunting prospect. Yet organising a great fundraiser is a fantastic way to support your faith and community.

Fundraising for the church can bring people and talents together in all sorts of new and interesting ways.

Fundraising events also offer great opportunities to socialize and really get to know people.

All the fund raising ideas here are tried and tested but don’t forget its your hard work and enthusiasm that will deliver a really successful event or programme. The great thing is that a successful fundraiser delivers a lot more than money!

Below you will find a host of great money making ideas, all with easy to use guides and brilliant top tips to help you, not only bring in much needed money, but also to have a great time in the process. best church fundraisers

Simply pick and choose the ideas that you think will work for you. Or, if you already have some great plans of your own, see if something here might show you a way to do them better

Fundraising Ideas Sent In By Other Churches

JustGiving – Undertaking a sponsored event? Set up a JustGiving page to help bring in the donations

Charity Quotes – Use these church and charity quotes in your newletters, e-zines, posters and flyers.

Free Church Forms – For a wide selection of downloadable free church forms please visit this great website. I also have a wonderful Church Membership Database that tracks member’s information, contributions and much more.

Keeping Adequate Fundraiser Records – Is essential to successful fundraisers. Fundraiser records should be set up as reference to help future volunteers build successful fundraising campaigns. Learn what information should be included in all of your fundraising records.

Church / Charity Insurance – Are you adequately covered for fundraising activities both at church and out in the community?