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With the wrong approach, customers will start to see through your facade and won’t be too surprised when you don’t deliver what you promised. If you want to build a real and powerful following on social media, it’s important to be yourself. Some businesses make the mistake of thinking social media is all about selling, but that’s only part of the equation.
This feature is great for showcasing multiple products, and you can even create carousel posts to showcase multiple sets of products. Thanks to ads and other branded content, Instagram shopping is super simple for users. Back in 2017, the company reported that, on average, users under the age of 25 spent 32 minutes a day on Instagram, while users 25 and older spent 24+ minutes a day on the platform. These Instagram stats only scratch the surface of how popular the platform is.
With a social media management tool such as Mailchimp, you can save time by scheduling posts and evaluate performance by viewing key analytics and insights. You can also use Mailchimp’s content studio to store and manage all of your digital assets. With a social media marketing strategy in place, you can take a more organized and focused approach when building your brand and marketing on social media. If you want to find success on social media, the first step you’ll need to take is to create a marketing plan for social media. Depending on your business, social media may not always be your go-to direct sales channel—especially in B2B or products with a long purchase cycle. There’s still undeniable potential and value to be gained when you have a social media strategy that supports your sales funnel and business goals.
Like youtube SMM panel said in the intro, DO NOT let your gut decide which social network is the right place to start promoting your brand. If you’re a marketer and your goal is to get the most out of your social media activities, it’s super important that your strategic decisions are influenced by the content of this article. Yes, at some point you’ll need to zero in on the hyper-granular nuances of a particular platform. But at the start of something as important as a new social media campaign, the most important thing is familiarizing yourself with the big picture. Alternatively, if you have a smaller budget, a great option is to partner with micro-influencers and smaller creators, who have smaller followings but often a more engaged audience.
You might discover a new social media opportunity that you never knew existed. A social media audit can show you what’s working and what isn’t, and it can also help you identify opportunities to reach your goals more effectively. Agorapulse provides platform-specific audience demographics so you know exactly who’s following your brand and how to build a relationship with them.