Fundraising During a Pandemic: 11 Ideas for Fundraising from a Distance

In addition to catalog sales, schools have the ability to utilize an online platform to increase and streamline sales. A large selection of vegan, gluten-free and kosher products is also available for anyone and everyone to support the fundraiser. Students and school patrons connect directly and indirectly with locals to build community support for schools, local farmers and artisans. The Entertainment Coupon Card is by far the best fundraising companies with over $3 billion earned for schools since 1962.
For example, you could offer donors the opportunity to sponsor a limited-edition playground tile, which would have their name on it – for $1000 each! Alternatively, you could offer sponsorship tiers as a token of your thank you. For example, donors achieving bronze level and above could be recognized on a plaque displayed inside the entrance of your school.
A raffle fundraiser is a great option for a school fundraiser because you have many willing parents eager to donate skills or goods as raffle prizes. By taking easy school fundraisers of the community you have available, a school raffle can turn into an exciting event with tons of great prizes. Everyone enjoys a good haunted house at Halloween and organizing a haunted house is a fun activity for school kids. And the fun increases when you are selling tickets and raising money for a good cause. Putting together a haunted house takes a lot of planning, so be sure to start early to ensure that your haunted house is a success.
If you’re a sweet tooth lover or want to unleash your inner pastry chef, a bake sale is a perfect way to bring your community together and put their cooking skills to the test. There’s no better feeling than satisfying empty tummies with delectable, mouth-watering treats and refreshments while raising funds for a good cause. If you’re looking for partners, you might want to consider farmers’ markets or food bazaars. People must pay an entry fee to participate in the race, which is where a large portion of your profits will come from.
Set up in a location (an empty parking lot, for example) with cleaning supplies and get started. The kids will certainly love this event and remember it for years to come. You can include in your overnight camping event activities such as releasing candlelight lanterns into the sky, campfire sing-a-longs, or a nighttime game of Capture the Flag.
Last in our school supply fundraising ideas, it’s a student art sale! This works especially well if you’re in need of art supplies. Have all the students make DIY arts and crafts—they can design their own cards, decorate face masks, make jewelry, or just get out the paints and let their inner Picasso shine. Families and community members can then buy the masterpieces, with all proceeds going to purchase school supplies. Crowdfunding and pper-to-peer campaigns are one of the easiest ways to raise money for schools. You say the word and your supporters set up personal campaign sites and do some DIY online fundraising.
Another fun way to have the kids navigating their way around is a scavenger hunt. These are easy to organise and will bring the kids some fun! All sorts of things can be put on the list to be found around the course of the hunt. It can be mathematical or riddles, whichever way works best. Free Dress Days are a good fundraiser as they don’t require a lot of work (except for promotion in the school newsletter and the collection of monies). Everyone has a dollar or two floating around their pocket, change purse, or car.
Here are 5 effective ideas for animal shelter that can help propel your fundraising to the new heights. More than 140 countries around the world celebrate Earth Day in April and make efforts to clean up the planet for a cleaner and healthier environment. With this comes many environmental campaigns, which makes springtime perfect for green fundraisers. With this summer fundraiser, it’s best to have a local guide who knows the ins and the outs of the planned trail.
A skate party is one of the easiest and most fun ways to raise money for your school while encouraging participants to get up and move their bodies. If that’s not an option, host an outdoor event at the park. If you’re up for a bit of a challenge, consider throwing a school carnival. This is a high-effort event, but it can pay off when done right.